Mould Abatement / Remediation

GeoFocus Mould Solutions believes that the treatment of various mould contaminated materials with chemicals alone is not a substitute for proper cleaning and remediation. Mouldy porous and semi-porous indoor materials should be ideally removed and discarded. Low cost fast acting remedies should be a cause for concern. Do not expose yourself or your company to unnecessary liability. You know you have mould. What next? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency you should plan the remediation before starting the work. Before you retain any consultant or contractor you should educate yourself on mould remediation practices so that you can ensure you retain a qualified and competent firm. Out technicians recommend to our Clients and potential Clients that have questions regarding mould and mould remediation that they review the following documents prior to retaining a consultant and or contractor:

Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario – Mould Abatement Guidelines –

Canadian Construction Association – Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry –

United States of America Environmental Protection Area – A Brief Guide To Mold Moisture And Your Home -

United States of America Environmental Protection Area – Mold Remediation In Schools And Commercial Buildings -

According to the Canadian Construction Association “The method(s) used to remediate mould growth depends on the cause and extent of the growth, and often a variety of techniques and cleaning procedures are required to control the situation and minimize health risks due to exposure and the spread of contaminants. The materials subject to mould remediation also vary and include porous materials(e.g., furniture, carpet, etc.), structural elements (e.g. tile, insulation, etc.), and HVAC system components (e.g., air handling units, ducts, etc.). There is no one single Canadian body that provides training in mould remediation nor is there a definitive list of selection criteria for choosing a r emediation contractor.”  Furthermore “The goal of mould remediation is to remove or clean contaminated materials and building components using proper work practices and isolation techniques so that no one’s health is compromised and the contaminants are contained.

No mould remediation projects are alike and standardized pricing is neither possible nor feasible.  Should you have a mould problem which requires a mould solution please contact our office and the first available technician will assist you to the best of their ability.  We strive to provide affordable mould solutions to all potential clients and can create a customized solution that meets most budgets.  If we cannot create a solution that meets your budget our technicians will inform you of this immediately.

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