“Your Health & Safety is our #1 Priority” – this is a common slogan throughout the industry.  While we applaud all firms that place client and occupant health and safety as a top priority, we take pride in being one of the few firms that not only set the same standard but take the standard of protection further by protecting the financial interest of Clients and Occupants.   GeoFocus Mould Solutions is one of the VERY FEW firms in the industry that not only carries general liability insurance specific to the services we provide but we also carry pollution insurance and nominal professional liability insurance for our mould remediation contracting services.

The strengths of our team and our collective involvement in The GeoFocus Group of Companies permit us to co-ordinate an expert team required to evaluate and respond quickly and efficiently to all technical and legal issues relating to mould assessment, mould remediation, cryogenic (c02) dry ice blasting, insulation removal, disaster restoration and reconstruction and construction. Our clients can be assured of streamlined and consistent service with accurate reporting at an economical price.

Why Choose GeoFocus:

  • Our vehicles are tracked by Global Positioning Systems.  We know exactly where our staff are and when they will arrive at your project.
  • Turn key options – insulation removal, reinstatement, cryogenic (CO2) Dry Ice Blasting etc., – allows us to pass on significant savings.
  • First time pass or re-clean is performed at no charge.
  • Our mould investigation equipment roster includes, but is not limited to the following: infrared thermal imaging cameras, laser particle counters, hygrometers, digital and fiber optic boroscopes.
  • All lead technicians have extensive training and practical experience.
  • Constant training upgrades for lead technicians and field staff at no charge to staff.
  • IICRC  certified technicians available.
  • IICRC Certified Firm.
  • We own all our own specialty equipment and typical industry accessories
  • WSIB current, fully insured carrying both Liability, Pollution and nominal Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Happy to provide service in a variety of languages; English, French, Italian, Maltese, Spanish.

Associated with our Sister Company GeoFocus 2000 Construction Services (www.GeoFocus2000.com) and forming part of The GeoFocus Group of Companies (www.TheGeoFocusGroup.com) provides GeoFocus Mould Solutions with access to an extensive network of Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Lawyers,  This ensures that if additional investigation and/or support is required it can be coordinated in a timely fashion.

Unlike much of our competition GeoFocus Mould Solutions is not a franchise or new to the business. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our employees have been and many are currently still employed in the Construction Management, Construction Development, Deficiency Identification, Litigation Support, Mould Remediation, Mould Inspection, Mould Assessment, Building Inspection, Fire Restoration and Water Restoration industries for a combined 60 years. Various employees also hold the following degrees Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts (law).

Our employees are career minded professionals with extensive backgrounds in the Construction, Inspection and Building trades. Our field experience is second to none. In the industries of Mould Inspection (Assessment) and Mould Removal (Remediation), not all companies are created equal. If the company you retain does not protect you with insurance, certifications, continuing education and/or utilizes employees with both technical and practical experience you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary liability.

The Founders of GeoFocus know that in the abovementioned industries there is a need for firms dedicated to honesty, integrity and dependability. When speaking with a GeoFocus employee you may hear numerous times that “we want to ensure that you are fully informed of the services we may provide and that you are confident you will receive the services you have contracted us to perform”. We do not offer our Clients services they do not need and we do not use scare tactics to make sales. The industry has been flooded with single certified, non-educated, seldom experienced companies. Whether it be inspectors with no field experience, third party laboratories with poor credentials, the retaining of professional consultants with minimal practical/building experience or the utilization of contractors without proper insurance, wsib coverage or use of protocol; GeoFocus has the experience to ensure that we assist you to protect your best interests, at all times.

The difference is clear; however, some sales tactics make it difficult to see. Retain a firm with multiple years of experience, retain a firm with a strong reputation, retain a firm dedicated to honesty, integrity and dependability; retain GeoFocus Mould Solutions.